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To apply for acceptance into a High School Career
Academy, students must:

  • Be in good standing with attendance and disciplinary  referrals

  • Have completed any pre-requisites

  • Complete the application process

For more information,
see your guidance counselor.


This course provides an experiential opportunity for students to see business skills used in the workforce.  Through observations and practical experiences at various Quad Cities businesses, students will learn the basics of social responsibility and the importance of work ethic skills, management, human resources, finance, sales and marketing and event planning.

Spring Semester       Time: 1:45-3:15 pm 

Location:  SCC Belmont Campus/Various QC Business Locations


Students will gain IT process and methodology experience which is foundational in all IT positions during this sixteen week course.  It is a capstone experience for high school students who have an interest and an aptitude in the field of computer science and IT. The course will consist of both classroom work and real world projects taught by a high school instructor and facilitated by John Deere professionals in the IT field. This course does not offer college credit.

Fall Semester    Time: 1:45-3:15 pm              Location:  BHS Lab and John Deere Locations


This course provides 16 weeks of studying in the field of education while also exploring the role of a teacher.  Students will have the opportunity to spend many hours learning about the pedagogy of instructional practices while also spending time observing in various classroom settings.

Fall Semester   Time:  8-9:30 am   Location: SCC Belmont Campus/PV & Bett. Schools


This course helps students to understand the field of engineering through lectures and hands on projects.  The fundamentals of engineering are covered in lectures at Scott Community College and through on-site visits to John Deere manufacturing and design plants.  At the plants the engineering staff explains real life projects and the approaches used by engineers to solve those problems.  Students are divided into teams and given an opportunity to present their ideas for solutions.

Spring Semester     Time: 1:45-3:15 pm   Location:  SCC Belmont Campus/John Deere


Into to Health Occupations will provide learning opportunities for obtaining skills in the health care field. Those interested in the allied medical field will receive experience from trained allied health educational professionals in various lab departments. Through observation and practical lab experiences, students will be guided as they think about career choices. Students will attend class in a lab setting and will be assigned hands-on activities. The following areas will be scheduled for lab rotations in the Allied Health fields: Radiology, END, Surgical Technology, HIT, Dental Assisting and Cancer Information Management. (4.5 college credits)

Fall Semester        Time: 8-9:30 am           Location: Scott Community College


Get a competitive advantage by learning and understanding early in your education, training and career what roles supply chain and logistics plays in your everyday life.  You will see it in manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, business, agriculture, education and retail.  This course will help students understand the field of Supply Chain Management through lectures and hands on projects both at SCC as well as in various QC business locations. 

Spring Semester        Time:  1:45-3:15 pm   
Location:  SCC Belmont Campus/QCA Businesses


This course is designed to prepare students to enter into the world of automotive repair.   It is a year- long course.   You will spend all of your class periods in Scott Community College’s beautiful auto, diesel and collision repair technology labs. The class is designed to be very interactive and hands-on with skilled instructors who have worked in the field.  The course is explorative and leads to sequential training and certificate programs and opportunities. 

Year-round                   Time:  1:45-3:15 pm                Location:  SCC Belmont Campus

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